Funny Games (2008)

Released : March 14th, 2008
Genre : Art/Foreign, Drama, Suspense/Horror, Thriller and Remake
Starcast : Naomi Watts , Tim Roth , Michael Pitt , Brady Corbet , Devon Gearhart
Desc : The vacation begins with Ann, George and their son Georgie on their way to their summer home. The neighbors, Fred and Eva, are already there. It's a perfect day. Ann begins to make dinner, while her husband and son are busy with their newly restored sailboat. Suddenly, Ann finds herself face to face with a polite young man, the neighbors guest Peter, who has come to ask for some eggs because Eva has run out. Ann is about to give Peter the eggs, but hesitates. How did he get onto their property? Soon, violence erupts MPAA Rating: R for terror, violence and some language.
Duration : 1 hr. 52 min
Size : 117 mb
Part 1 - Download Funny Games.avi
Part 2 - Download Funny Games.avi

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